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Best Facials in Singapore | Miss Wish Health & Beauty Sanctuary

About us

Located in Tanjong Pagar, Misswish Health & Beauty Sanctuary is committed to providing luxurious health & skincare experience for you. In our sanctuary, silence, energy, beauty and vitality meet.


Established in 2014, our team of highly experienced health & beauty experts aim to leave you feeling bright and beautiful long after your treatment has come to an end. 

Ancient Miao's TCM Head and Scalp Wellness Therapy | Best Immediate Treatment for Headache, Insomnia or Dizziness

Ancient Miao's Head & Scalp Wellness Therapy

$128  $68

The art of healing through the use of ancient Miao’s formulation of TCM herbs. Solve white hair, headache and insomnia today! Read more 

Mitochondrial Energy Rejuvenation Therapy | Best Immediate Treatment for Pain, Numbness, Discomfort or Weight Loss


Energy Rejuvenation Therapy

$298  $99

Targets the deeper layers of muscle & connective tissue with our signature therapy. Solve headache, stiff neck and back pain. Read more 

Dr. Clariss Customised Signature Sensitive Treatment | Best Sensitive Facial in Singapore

Dr. Clariss Customised Signature Sensitive Treatment

$218  $98

Award-winning facial specially designed for sensitive Asian skins types. Solve redness, skin sensitivity and dehydration now. Read more 

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Best Facials in Singapore | Miss Wish Health & Beauty Sanctuary

Reveal Your Inner Glow

Are you ready? Unlock the best version of yourself with us today. Award-Winning health & beauty solutions with 10+ years of experience beauty experts.

Dr. Clariss Customised Signature Sensitive Facial is truly a game-changer. My skin is super sensitive and somehow their facial did NOT give me redness which is surprising as every facial at other places end up me having significant redness. I can truly feel how calming their sensitive facial is for my skin to enjoy and rejuvenate.  

June Lim, 32 years old

I had a chronic backpain issue for decades. It takes just a few sessions of Miss Wish's Mitochondrial Therapy to take care of it. I have never been happier since. Their Mitochondrial Therapy is much more effective than any chiropractors, physiotherapist or TCM physicians to manage my frequent pain and tension. It was certainly very surprising.

Mrs. Tan, 65 years old

I was suffering from sports injuries for many years from playing soccer and Miss Wish's Mitochondrial Therapy is really a miracle for me.  It is really the most effective treatment I have ever tried to heal my injuries. Now I am finally be able to get back on the field and play to my maximum potential without any pain hindering me.

Reggie Singh, 48 years old


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