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Ancient Miao's TCM Head & Scalp Wellness Therapy

Experience a relaxing yet refreshing hair and scalp treatment with the art of healing through the use of ancient Miao’s formulation of TCM herbs. Combined with our signature hand techniques and advanced bojin techniques, solve white hair, headache and insomnia today!

Relax & Rejuvenate

45 minutes

Origin of Head Wellness Therapy

People in the Miao Autonomous County live in subtropical monsoon climate that has cooler summer and warmer winter. They dress up in their national costumes and enjoy the beautiful gifts of the nature while washing their hair with their homemade soup.


This is the origin of the ‘Head Therapy Soup’. The secret of health and wellness of the hair is the use of the purest and most natural ingredients for hair growth. The place is remote and rural and underdeveloped and have little contact with the world, and the people there are not rich to buy branded soap. They have continued this habit for generations: self-digging the habitat around them to make shampoos.

What is used in Head Wellness Therapy?

According to an ancient recipe, we have selected camellia seeds, polygonal, ginseng, turmeric, saponins, ganoderma lucidum, angelica, chuanxiong, radix, codonopsis and many other all-natural Chinese herbs as raw materials. Many of these ingredients are well-known Chinese herbs that provides huge benefits to your hair and scalp.

Why do I need a Head Wellness Therapy?

Most people go for a Head Wellness Therapy because of how it can allow one to attain a well-maintained scalp and refreshed hair. But really, at the end of the day, ​Ancient Miao's TCM Head & Scalp Wellness Therapy is a well-liked, affordable treatment in Singapore for its amazing and relaxing experience to release stress immediately.

Recommended For

  1. Experiencing Insomnia

  2. Experiencing Frequent Headaches and Dizziness

  3. Experiencing Dry/Oily Scalp

  4. Balding

  5. Poor Sleep Quality

Key Benefits

  1. Deep-cleanse scalp and hair

  2. Relieves stress and psychological distress

  3. Boosts blood circulation

  4. Detoxifies your scalp

  5. Clear congested scalp

  6. Improve sleep quality

  7. Improves dry & lack-lustre hair

Why choose ​Ancient Miao's TCM Head & Scalp Wellness Therapy?

People from ‘Miao’ often meet at the clear stream to have hair competitions, where everyone combs their hair. Black and long hair always make everyone envious as good and healthy hair is a representative of the health of the person. Therefore, they have paid special attention to the healthcare of the head and firmly believed that a human's healthcare begins from taking care of the brain. Therefore, we have carry out in-depth research and developed the ‘Miao’ ancient formula and made it into a concentrated herbal soup and cream.


The Singapore Brand “Miao Ethnic Group Head Therapy Soup” is fully committed in bringing the best head and hair care experience to everyone.

Consumer Results

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