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​What Are The Different Types Of Sensitive Skin? | Best Sensitive Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

What Are The Different Types Of Sensitive Skin?

  • Naturally sensitive skin: Genes play a big role, and they can be linked to inflammatory skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

  • Environmentally sensitive skin: As its name implies, this type of sensitivity is triggered by your surrounding environment. Sun exposure, cigarette smoke, air pollution — anything your skin comes into contact with might send it into a stinging, irritated frenzy.

  • Reactive skin: This type of skin becomes red and inflamed by skin-care products, resulting in very red, warm and irritated skin. Often patients will notice papules or pustules forming where the irritant was placed.

  • Thin skin: As we age, our skin naturally becomes thinner, and thinner skin is easier to irritate.

Best Sensitive Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning



Dr. Clariss Customised Signature Sensitive Treatment

Asian skin type gets sensitized more easily compared to other ethnicities due to our thinner stratum corneum. As a result, our skin is extremely sensitive to environmental factors and chemicals that disrupt the skin’s pH balance, the sum result of which is redness, irritation and allergy. Therefore, using the right formulation made for our skin is extremely important.

Soothing & Hydrating

60 minutes

Recommended For

  1. Experiencing frequent skin sensitivity/redness

  2. Facing dehydration despite having a skincare routine

  3. Doing intensive treatments which cause face skin dryness

Key Benefits

  1. Hydrate and improve complexion

  2. Calm irritated skin

  3. Reduce redness and inflammation

  4. Repair oil-water balance

  5. Repair skin's protective barrier

Consumer Results

After ONE treatment, % of customers* agrees that:

  • How long will Dr. Clariss Essential Hydrating Facial Treatment take?
    The treatment itself is around 45 minutes. When includes with consultation and preparation, it will take about 1 hour in total.
  • What is the aftercare process like?
    We will be using professional-grade Glycolic Acid, which you are advised to avoid any exfoliating agents for the day, as well as avoid prolonged contact with sunlight and use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 and above sunscreen during the day.
  • Do you offer free consultation?
    Absolutely! We invite everyone to come into the salon for a complimentary 15-minute skin consultation before deciding to visit as a client. One of our team will sit down with you to get to know more about you, your skin goals and concern, and your lifestyle habits, before taking you through their recommendations and letting you know which treatment would best address your concerns.
  • What is your cancellation policy like?
    Providing outstanding service is the core of our business. As the slot is reserved especially for you, we ask that you notify us 24 working hours in advance to change or cancel appointments. More details can be found in our terms & conditions.
  • Why is there a 'from' on your price list?
    You may notice that our price list says ‘from’, for example, S$38. This is because the price listed is the price for the first trial. Furthermore, you may choose to include add-ons like additional serums in the treatment to further address your skin concerns.
  • What are you doing about COVID-19?
    We follow the latest Covid-19 management rules and regulations set by the Singapore Government. Besides the mandatory rules set by the Singapore Government, Misswish Health & Beauty Sanctuary also strives to achieve these in-house guidelines: All equipment will be sanitised using alcohol pads after each use. One-time usage equipment, such as cotton pad and buds, will be carefully disposed after each use. Virtual check-ins and appointment booking are strongly encouraged to minimise unnecessary contact with commonly used items, such as pen and paper. Hand sanitisers will be available.

Dr. Clariss products are manufactured with plant-derived, green and clean beauty in mind. They are made free of:

  • Parabens

  • Drying Alcohols

  • Refined Petroleum

  • Oxybenzone

  • Drying Sulfates

  • Dyes

  • Bad Fragrance

  • Hydroquinone

  • Triclosan

  • Bad Essential Oils

Innovated in Germany

What Are The Common Causes Of Sensitive Skin?

Causes Of Sensitive Skin? | Best Sensitive Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

1. Over-exfoliating

AHAs and BHAs are often celebrated in the skincare world as the 'magical' ingredients that prevents aging, reduces acne and maintains youthfulness. However, in recent years, the skincare market have many new formulation that includes high concentrations of such ingredients, buyers who lack understanding of the side-effects of such high-concentration ingredients often don't reap the benefits and instead, backfires and cause their skin to be extremely red and sensitized.

Furthermore, in many skincare routines, there is a lack of understanding of how bad these side-effects can get and often have insufficient soothing or hydrating ingredients to compensate for the side-effects which can cause over-sensitized skin overtime.

Lastly, there are many instances which we see customers 'overuse' such exfoliating products due to various reasons such as how some 'skincare gurus' recommend to use these products daily to achieve a young and wrinkle-free skin. Overuse of exfoliating products is extremely common, especially combined with underusage of soothing or hydrating ingredients to compensate for the side-effects. With overusage of exfoliating products, skin sensitivity is frequently present as our skin's stratum corneum (epidermis) becomes extremely thin. This, combined with the insufficient application of sunscreen during daytime, is the most common reason why people have overly-sensitive skin.

Causes Of Sensitive Skin? | Best Sensitive Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

2. Over-Cleansing

Who doesn't like the refreshed feeling after cleansing? As Singapore has a humid and hot climate, we sweat wherever we go, even while staying at home. Therefore, we have seen many customers over-cleansing their face using facewash for 3 to 5 times a day in order to get rid of the sweaty, gross feeling. For some, it is because they need to maintain a sebum-free (non-shiny) look for online meetings.​

We should not be cleansing our face more than twice a day (except after exercising) as cleansing your face with facewash (including gentle facewash) can strip off your skin's essential sebum and be extremely drying, which cause our skin to do whatever it takes to regain moisture which is by making its sebum production work in overdrive, causing more oil and more acne than there was originally.


Over-cleansing also cause your oil-water balance to be disrupted, causing your skin-barrier to be easily compromised, which results in a much more reactive sensitive skin.

Causes Of Sensitive Skin? | Best Sensitive Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

3. Overuse of drying active ingredients (e.g. acne creams)

Benzoyl peroxide, sulphur, vitamin A (including adapalene and tretinoin), azelaic acid and etc. are the most commonly used topical acne treatments out there. However, the common side-effect among them is that they are drying.


Overuse of these products can cause serious drying of the skin and cause extreme redness, peeling and sensitivity. Without a proper skincare routine, such skin sensitivity usually lingers for a long period of time as your skin is 'injured' and takes time to heal.

Our recommendation is to use a pea-sized amount for the entire face and not layer more than the recommended amount.

Causes Of Sensitive Skin? | Best Sensitive Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

4. Frequent laser treatments or acid peels

Skin with wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or scars often go through laser treatments to reduce such blemishes. However, these patients usually go to different aesthetic clinics to pick up the "discounts" which be exposed to different aesthetic doctors or estheticians which uses different lasers, machines and etc. which can cause the skin to be over-sensitized due to lack of suitable aftercare taken.

Examples of frequently used intensive treatments: Pico laser, Fractional CO2 laser, IPL (technically not a laser), high-concentration acid peels (e.g. Glycolic acid, Trichloroacetic acid and Jessners solution).

With exposure to such intensive treatments, it is extremely important to take good care of your skin for the next 1-3 months.

Causes Of Sensitive Skin? | Best Sensitive Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

5. Unsuitable choice of skincare products

With a wide variety of skincare products on the market, we are often tempted to try new ones, even those which clearly doesn't suit our skin type.

There are many products out there which contains ingredients that can cause sensitivity, including those products 'made for sensitive skin'. These ingredients can be drying alcohol, essential oils, fragrances, bad sulfates and etc.

Solve Sensitive Skin | Best Sensitive Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

How To Solve Sensitive Skin?

If you are suffering from sensitive skin, our main objective is to ‘repair’ the skin back to health by restoring the skin's oil-water balance so that the skin's protective barrier can be fixed. This will take at least ~28 days which is the natural regeneration cycle of the skin.

Solve Sensitive Skin | Best Sensitive Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

Why Choose Dr. Clariss Customised Signature Sensitive Treatment?

We uses products that are specially formulated for Asian skin types. They are made with many well-known soothing ingredients to prevent any irritations and they are formulated without any harsh or questionable ingredients such as drying alcohol, essential oils, fragrance and etc.

The products used in Dr. Clariss Customised Signature Sensitive Treatment is packed with science-backed soothing ingredients, minerals, botanical extracts, vitamins and essential nutrients, giving you the clear and supple-looking skin that you deserve. Some of these ingredients are Centella Asiatica, Green Tea, Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and etc.

How Is This Facial Customisable?

  • Dr. Clariss Customised Signature Sensitive Treatment is a customised solution for Asians facing sensitivity or redness in general.

  • Before your treatment begins, our beauty experts will consult with you to determine your skin type and any special needs or concerns, including allergies and medications.

  • Next, the beauty expert will talk to you about what you are trying to achieve in your session. This information is used to create the best treatment, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Your customised treatment may also use a combination of other Dr. Clariss skincare products including serums, peels and moisturizers. In some cases, your skincare solution may also utilize the latest technology, such as LED treatments, microdermabrasion or ultrasound to best achieve your skin goals.

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