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Best TCM Foot Steam in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning



TCM Detoxification Foot Steam Spa

With a long standing history in China, this popular therapy has been frequently used by Chinese emperors to alleviate pain, detox and promote blood circulation. Formulated with over 20 types of herbal medicines to assist various ailments and promotes better sleep at night.

Detox & Blood Circulation

25 minutes

Recommended For

  1. Mental Fatigue

  2. Insomnia & Headache

  3. Dizziness

  4. Tinnitus

  5. Poor Blood Flow to the Brains (Brain Ischemia)

Key Benefits

  1. Promote blood circulation. In TCM, feet have been the second heart of the human body since ancient times. From the perspective of health theories, feet are the furthest away from the heart of the human body which means the toxin levels will be the highest.

  2. Calm the mind and improve sleep quality. Various studies have shown that frequent foot spa sessions have reduced anxiety and stress amongst cancer patients, proving that this can be an effective way of dealing with depression and anxiety.

  3. Helps prevent injuries on the foot and ankles. If you are recovering from a foot injury, foot spas can help with joint pain.

Best TCM Foot Steam in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

Benefits of Foot Steam

They believe foot steam is able to relieve all body fatigue that was accumulated during the day and reset the body’s internal functions which will thus improve sleep quality.


Another common belief is that foot steam can improve the body’s overall blood circulation which is vital for the body to remove toxins in the bloodstream and detox and remove “coldness” in the body.


This is further echoed by the common saying which “the rich takes expensive tonics and medications, while the poor soak their feet” which signify that foot steaming is as effective as taking expensive medications to resolve health issues.

What is the Science behind Foot Steam?

In Chinese medicine, feet is known as the second heart of the human body as Chinese research has proved that there are reflex areas corresponding to the various organs of our body. All of these meridians and nerves congregates around the feet area which explains why when we steam our feet, the reflex areas around our feet can be stimulated. Such stimulation of our reflex areas will promote blood circulation, better regulate our endocrine system, enhance the functions of our organs to achieve better overall health.

Best TCM Foot Steam in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

History of Foot Steam Spa

Foot steam is a very popular practice in China. A significant number of Chinese people like to soak their feet in hot water every night before bedtime. The earliest Chinese medicine classic “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon”, which was written over two thousand years ago, mentioned the importance of foot health.

A very notable Chinese physician, Sun Simiao (541-642 A.D), titled as China’s King of Medicine (due to his significant contributions to Chinese medicine), summarized the health benefits of foot path in different seasons. He wrote, “foot steam in the spring tonifies the yang, and prevents the depletion of qi; foot steam in the summer removes dampness and heat; foot steam in the fall strengthens the lungs and improves intestinal functions; foot steam in the winter warms the Dan Tian (field of elixir), the energy center of the body.

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