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What Are Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)? - Best Anti-Ageing Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

What Are Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)?

  • Firstly, aqua peeling uses AHAs and BHAs to first exfoliate our skin. This means they remove dead skin cells and impurities that are locked onto our face by our cells. All our skin cells are 'stuck' together by a type of 'glue' made by the cells which are what makes our skin look like a continuous layer on our body.

  • The skin is actually made of millions of cells that are stuck together in this way to protect the body. When a skin cell dies it can sometimes still stay stuck together with the rest of the cells along with other dirt that gets trapped.

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are a group of acids that are usually found in nearly all skin cosmetics. The most popular ones are glycolic acid and lactic acid which are especially found in any treatment related to acne and skin repair. Another popular effect is skin brightening which is done by ascorbic acid; commonly known as vitamin C.

  • This is because AHAs have incredible skin healing properties that affect the multiple layers of the skin. This is very useful when dealing with conditions like hyper-pigmentation which start in the deep layers of the skin and build up over time. Aqua peel in Korea takes advantage of these properties and combines it with BHAs, most commonly - Salicylic Acid.

Consumer Results

After ONE treatment, % of customers* agrees that:

  • How long will Dr. Clariss Essential Hydrating Facial Treatment take?
    The treatment itself is around 45 minutes. When includes with consultation and preparation, it will take about 1 hour in total.
  • What is the aftercare process like?
    We will be using professional-grade Glycolic Acid, which you are advised to avoid any exfoliating agents for the day, as well as avoid prolonged contact with sunlight and use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 and above sunscreen during the day.
  • Do you offer free consultation?
    Absolutely! We invite everyone to come into the salon for a complimentary 15-minute skin consultation before deciding to visit as a client. One of our team will sit down with you to get to know more about you, your skin goals and concern, and your lifestyle habits, before taking you through their recommendations and letting you know which treatment would best address your concerns.
  • What is your cancellation policy like?
    Providing outstanding service is the core of our business. As the slot is reserved especially for you, we ask that you notify us 24 working hours in advance to change or cancel appointments. More details can be found in our terms & conditions.
  • Why is there a 'from' on your price list?
    You may notice that our price list says ‘from’, for example, S$38. This is because the price listed is the price for the first trial. Furthermore, you may choose to include add-ons like additional serums in the treatment to further address your skin concerns.
  • What are you doing about COVID-19?
    We follow the latest Covid-19 management rules and regulations set by the Singapore Government. Besides the mandatory rules set by the Singapore Government, Misswish Health & Beauty Sanctuary also strives to achieve these in-house guidelines: All equipment will be sanitised using alcohol pads after each use. One-time usage equipment, such as cotton pad and buds, will be carefully disposed after each use. Virtual check-ins and appointment booking are strongly encouraged to minimise unnecessary contact with commonly used items, such as pen and paper. Hand sanitisers will be available.

Dr. Clariss products are manufactured with plant-derived, green and clean beauty in mind. They are made free of:

  • Parabens

  • Drying Alcohols

  • Refined Petroleum

  • Oxybenzone

  • Drying Sulfates

  • Dyes

  • Bad Fragrance

  • Hydroquinone

  • Triclosan

  • Bad Essential Oils

Innovated in Germany

What is Aqua Peel? - Best Anti-Ageing Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

What is Aqua Peel?

Aqua peeling is a two-step process that cleanses your skin deeply but also moisturises the newly cleaned skin. Often, chemical peels and acne treatments can dry the skin out which irritates the skin more. This forces oil glands on our face to over-produce the oil which then blocks our pores. This is because when the skin is too dry, the brain sends signals to make it moisturised and oil is the skin's natural moisturiser.

This is a very basic look into the cause of acne which is affected by many factors such as hormones, age, environment and stress.

Aqua Peel blitz pores with an exfoliating water-based gel, made of AHAs and BHAs, and a suction device that pulls out gunk from the skin and removes blackheads, while skin is flooded with moisture. It’s combined with other powerful active ingredients to deliver a punch. By combining the natural exfoliating power of water with hydrating hyaluronic acid and botanicals, aqua peels slough off dead cells without using harsh acids.

How does Aqua Peel work? - Best Anti-Ageing Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

How Does ​Dr. Clariss Aqua Peel Exfoliating Treatment Work?

A layer of AHA is first used to move all the dirt, blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin cells from where they are locked onto your face. Once the AHA does this, a suction machine can be used on the face to suck up these impurities off the surface of the face and in the pores. BHA works in the same way but for the areas that have more oil as explained above.

Once the skin has been cleaned with this procedure, the next part is to moisturise the skin with a mixture of ingredients that is unique to each clinic.

What Are Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs)?

Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) is similar to AHAs but they are different in their structure. The structure of AHAs means they can easily dissolve in water.

This means they can take care of most of the dirt on the skin surface but BHA can dissolve in oil. This is important for areas that produce a lot of oil such as the nose, chin and forehead (The T-zone).

So AHA and BHA are used to clean the because it almost pulls the dirt out of our skin and this makes the first step of the aqua peel process.

How Are AHAs and BHAs Different?

AHAs are water-soluble acids made from sugary fruits. They help peel away the surface of your skin so that new, more evenly pigmented skin cells may generate and take their place. After use, you’ll likely notice that your skin is smoother to the touch.

On the other hand, BHAs are oil-soluble. Unlike AHAs, BHAs can get deeper into the pores to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum.

What Are Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs)? - Best Anti-Ageing Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning
Best Anti-Ageing Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

Why Choose ​Dr. Clariss Aqua Peel Exfoliating Treatment?

We use Dr. Clariss's German formulation which includes hydrating and soothing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Beta-Glucan, Propolis, Centella Asiatica, Antioxidants and other nourishing solutions. This will ensure the skin is left feeling soothed and protected.

The results – think smooth, glowing and evenly toned skin – are impressive, which explains why many of customers are visiting our beauty experts two or three times a week for a lunchtime treatment (it also requires zero recovery time).

One point of precaution is that the AHA/BHA will make the skin more sensitive to sunlight, therefore it is recommended to always wear sunscreen and take extra care of sun exposure.

Recommended For

  1. Suffers from clogged pores

  2. Have active acne

  3. Suffers from blackheads and whiteheads

  4. Suffers from ageing skin (wrinkles, lines etc.)

Key Benefits

  1. Deep cleansing for the skin

  2. Smoother skin texture

  3. Unclogging of pores, removal of dead skin cells

  4. Brighter, softer skin

  5. Skin rejuvenation and repair

  6. Allows immediate return to normal activities (no downtime)

  7. Visible results after first treatment with lasting, more significant results after 4 to 6 treatments

Aqua Peel Exfoliation - Best Anti-Ageing Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning



Dr. Clariss Aqua Peel Exfoliating Treatment

One of the most popular treatments in Korea – and for very good reason. Aqua peel in Korea is a trending treatment that promises the dewy glow or 'glass skin' as it is commonly known as. However this treatment doesn't just provide the glow on the surface of the skin but it goes deeper in to our skin layers. This helps to get rid of issues such as sun spots, discolouration, acne and other imperfections.

Deep-Cleanse & Exfoliate

60 minutes

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