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Dr. Clariss Bojin Lifting Detox Lymphatic Facial Treatment

Enhance your body's deep healing powers and get a non-surgical facelift with our signature hand techniques. This is a form of acupressure facial massage that is holistic, non-invasive, and painless with plenty of health benefits. Acupressure facial massage stimulates pressure points to ease pain, lower stress and enhance your overall wellness.

Face-Lift & Rejuvenate

45 minutes

Recommended For

  1. Suffers from acne, especially near menstrual periods

  2. Suffers from ageing skin (wrinkles, lines etc.)

  3. Wants a non-surgical facelift

Key Benefits

  1. Unblock Meridian Channels

  2. Reduce Wrinkles and Fine Lines

  3. Reduce Double Chin

  4. Detox and Removes Skin Impurities

  5. Improve Liver Detoxification

  6. Relieve Insomnia and Headaches

  7. Allows immediate return to normal activities (no redness)

  8. Instant, visible results after one treatment.

What is Acupuncture - Best Bojin Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

What Are Acupuncture Points? 

Acupressure points are specific areas around the body that “qi” flows and gathers. A blockage at these points usually results in body pain, aches and stiffness.

By applying pressure at these acupressure points, you can alleviate the pain by unblocking the meridian channels and regulating the flow of “qi”.

Soft but firm pressure (but not hard enough to leave marks!) is used for at least 30 seconds on each point until you feel a mild throb or release in tension.

Consumer Results

After ONE treatment, % of customers* agrees that:

  • How long will Dr. Clariss Essential Hydrating Facial Treatment take?
    The treatment itself is around 45 minutes. When includes with consultation and preparation, it will take about 1 hour in total.
  • What is the aftercare process like?
    We will be using professional-grade Glycolic Acid, which you are advised to avoid any exfoliating agents for the day, as well as avoid prolonged contact with sunlight and use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 and above sunscreen during the day.
  • Do you offer free consultation?
    Absolutely! We invite everyone to come into the salon for a complimentary 15-minute skin consultation before deciding to visit as a client. One of our team will sit down with you to get to know more about you, your skin goals and concern, and your lifestyle habits, before taking you through their recommendations and letting you know which treatment would best address your concerns.
  • What is your cancellation policy like?
    Providing outstanding service is the core of our business. As the slot is reserved especially for you, we ask that you notify us 24 working hours in advance to change or cancel appointments. More details can be found in our terms & conditions.
  • Why is there a 'from' on your price list?
    You may notice that our price list says ‘from’, for example, S$38. This is because the price listed is the price for the first trial. Furthermore, you may choose to include add-ons like additional serums in the treatment to further address your skin concerns.
  • What are you doing about COVID-19?
    We follow the latest Covid-19 management rules and regulations set by the Singapore Government. Besides the mandatory rules set by the Singapore Government, Misswish Health & Beauty Sanctuary also strives to achieve these in-house guidelines: All equipment will be sanitised using alcohol pads after each use. One-time usage equipment, such as cotton pad and buds, will be carefully disposed after each use. Virtual check-ins and appointment booking are strongly encouraged to minimise unnecessary contact with commonly used items, such as pen and paper. Hand sanitisers will be available.

Dr. Clariss products are manufactured with plant-derived, green and clean beauty in mind. They are made free of:

  • Parabens

  • Drying Alcohols

  • Refined Petroleum

  • Oxybenzone

  • Drying Sulfates

  • Dyes

  • Bad Fragrance

  • Hydroquinone

  • Triclosan

  • Bad Essential Oils

Innovated in Germany

Where are the Acupressure Points on Face?

Why is Bojin important - Best Bojin Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

Why Is It Important To Maintain A Normal Lymphatic Function?

Lymph flow is important to maintaining good health, as the lymphatic system is an integral part of the immune system, bathing the body’s tissues with lymph, a clear liquid, which collects bacteria, viruses, metabolic debris and other harmful substances. Lymph is then channelled to lymph nodes, where the foreign substances are destroyed or rendered non-functional by various white blood cells, or lymphocytes. The spent lymph and debris are then collected by the circulatory system and flushed out of the body via the urinary system.

What Happens When Your Lymphatic System Is Blocked?

Lymphedema describes the abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid under the skin—in other words, swelling. Swelling of this sort indicates lymphatic system insufficiency or stagnation, and is usually caused by a blockage that prevents the free flow of lymph.

When the lymphatic system is blocked, it cannot carry out its pathogen-fighting activity and the fluid becomes stagnant, thus impairing the immune system. In addition to swelling and immune system impairment, stagnant lymph may cause on-site inflammation and infection. Unchecked, this stagnation may cause lymphedema, which can contribute to long-term, serious, painful conditions such as cellulitis.

When there’s any kind of obstruction in your lymphatic system, fluid can start to build up.

 Best Bojin Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

Why do I need to do bojin?

Bojin Facial promotes lymphatic drainage, blood circulation to detox the build-up fluids that cause facial bloating, dull skin and uneven skin tone. Massaging the facial acupressure points, therefore, increase skin luminosity and suppleness, eliminates clogged pores and minimize pore size.

Our skin loses collagen as we age, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. By using Bojin techniques, muscles can be brought to a state of relaxation that limits the formation of wrinkles and lines. In many cases, these tense muscles can be the source of headaches and pain, and massaging these points helps to relax the body and reduce stress.

As we get older, the muscles around the cheeks and neck tend to get weaker and lose their tone as well. Bojin Facial works better than the standard beauty fillers and Botox as it also your weak muscles for a lifting effect and a slimmer face.

Correctly finding pressure points is no easy feat, and it does take time and sufficient practice to perfect the Bojin Facial technique. Experienced therapists will be able to accurately detect the acupressure points and get to the root cause of your skin’s problems, thus restoring balance to your skin.

Bojin vs Guasha - Best Bojin Facial in Singapore | Tanjong Pagar | Award Winning

Why Choose Dr. Clariss Bojin Lifting Detox Lymphatic Facial Treatment?

Dr. Clariss Bojin Detox Lymphatic Facial Treatment uses safe and clean rose-based formulated products to assist in unclogging the obstruction in your lymphatic system.

We uses special tools such as pointed ends of ox horn, jade or stone tools to massage acupressure points on your face to open up blockages in the meridian channel. For instance, the pointed tip point is used to locate acupressure points and reach deep into the muscle tissue to release muscle tension. The arc point is suitable for massaging around the eye area, while the concave side of the tool is used for contouring the face and jawline.

What Is The Difference Between Bojin & Gua Sha?

Bojin is often linked to guasha – both techniques are rooted in similar TCM theory, however, Bojin does not cause the redness that results from guasha scrapping.

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